Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Interesting FB comment on WSOP Final Table play

"Wow Newhouse made a huge rookie mistake against MC... He checked on the turn with a pair, with only one card beating him on the board... If he throws even 250k on the board he forces MC to fold... But instead he checked and left MC with his 5's to check as well and river the nut 5 for trips. When u have a chance to win the pot with the leading hand u do it when it comes to over powering your opponent on the turn. Worst case scenario he rivers the winning hand especially when he has less the 15% of winning the hand on the turn lol.. And he ended up busting out before the break... bad move by a not so experienced player! This is coming from a 3x WSOP dealer and 15 year veteran." -Gino Foggia

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