Sunday, November 3, 2013

GSPO 100k

Down in flames, 950th place, just before the first break. Had a weak trips situation similar to Morgenstern vs Newhouse in the WSOP, except it was 55 vs AJs with a 5JJ flop. Pot-controlled the turn and the river but he high-valued me by betting the pot each time since he knew I had a J. I should have know when I c-bet the flop and got two callers that one of them may have the fourth jack, and the other could've had 55, but it was hard to lay it down since the bets left me with 100bb.

Ran into another weak trips situation with a similar result. Should have just folded the flop in that one but talked myself into trying to improve. It happened but improved the villain to a full house.

Picked up AQs (clubs) and 3-bet shoved for 30bb and got three callers. The other hands were KK and 99. I had a flush draw on the turn and at least 10 outs to win, but hit a queen instead of an ace or any club.

Why me? Any tournament but this one. 

Well, at least it was a freeroll...................................................but 1st gets $20,000+.

Time to walk it off.

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