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Found while shopping for a thermostat with lockout features.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Appropriate for Men - Excellent Thermostat, May 11, 2010
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This review is from: Honeywell TH8110U1003 Vision Pro 8000 Digital Thermostat (Tools & Home Improvement)

Of course, we all know that real men don't need heat, and even if you do, you ought to be fine with a lever, a spring, and a vial of mercury. So I felt a little silly ordering this. But once I got over that, I realized that this is a truly great thermostat. Here's why:

1: It's confusing - anything except a temporary override requires several screens and sequences of commands. It's enough to deter even the most determined women, who are undoubtedly trying to make the place into some kind of "heat nest".

2: It's lockable! That's right, you can lock everyone out from modifying the thermostat! And even if you don't want to go that far, you can set limits on what the temperature can be set to. Awesome!

3: And this is the best one of all.... You can program it to show a different temperature than the actual temperature!!! For obvious reasons, this is the best feature ever built into any thermostat since the dawn of time. It takes some digging to get through the manuals to figure out how to do it, but it's worth it. Here's how a conversation about an actual temperature of 68 degrees might go:

Woman: "Honey, it's awfully cold in here, can we turn up the heat?"

Man: "It's already 85 degrees in here."

Woman: "It can't be... (gets up and checks thermostat)... Hmmph, I guess you're right."

Man: "Maybe you should take some more thyroid medicine. And while you're up, make me a sandwich."

Ask yourself - does it really get any better than that?

As much as I love this thermostat, it could be improved by having some sort of fingerprint scanner, or retina ID device on it, allowing only certain people access to the thermostat. But since no competing models yet offer this feature, this is about as good as it gets for keeping YOUR castle at YOUR temperature.
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