Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another Deep Run

But no monster payout. :(

Played the $15k DS today and just busted in 21st of 1579 for $56.05. I was the shortstack at my table with 92k vs several 300k+ and the 700k+ chipleader, so it was tough to find spots. 

In my last hand, UTG minraised and I shoved AQs. He flips up KK, ouch. No ace and didn't fill the straight.

No regrets with how I played it; just wanted to get to the final table and somehow rocket closer to 1st which paid $2527.48

In other news, I made a deep run in the RTR Freeroll as well, but busted just short of the final table for $0.

Happy to win some buyins back. Account is at $ close to $2k. 

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