Saturday, October 12, 2013


Finished 25th of 409 in the Lucky Draw Weekly on Bovada, which gives me a free ticket to the $100,000 Guaranteed tomorrow, or one of the upcoming Golden Spade Poker Open 100k events. Ticket value is $162.

Made a couple of crucial mistakes after a lucky double-up early on, and got smacked back down to my starting stack. I was bumbed but stayed in the fight. 

When it gets down to the bubble, which was 41, everyone abuses the time-clock and the tourney drags on. I tend to do it too when we have a shortstack trying to survive, or if I am the shortstack. 

The shortstack to my left caught a miracle. With blinds at 1500\750, he had 1000 chips left and was definitely the bubble boy at 41. I let some time pass before folding, and he rode the clock as well. The blinds were both sitting out and he had two live players ahead.

Then the player shoves his last 1000, gets a call from the button, flips up AA, and wins the hand! Someone on another table busted out instead. I was happy the shortstack at our table pulled out a miracle. Hopefully the person who busted will get another shot.

I think I'll postpone playing in the 100k event tomorrow in order to get more studying done. I want to patch up as many leaks in my game as possible before playing for big money. 1st place would get around $21,000.

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