Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Right Place, Time, Hands, and Players

I reviewed the hand history from the RTR Freeroll that I won on Sunday. It's funny how you feel like a boss for a while after winning, then the hand history reveals thin ice. Once you see all the hands 24 hours later, you realize that you made more mistakes than you remember, and that some of the situations you won have to do with the kind of player you are shoving against.

Prime example:

-UTG shoves for 15.
-UTG+1 (me) shoves 5311 with JJ.
-Total pot is 5901.
-It folds around to the Big Blind who is the chipleader with 9970, and he elects to FOLD AQo.


The board runs out 9 A Q Q T, so the big blind would have busted me and the microstack with a full house if he hadn't made such an ultra-nitty fold.

Talk about a gift hand. I never feel great about shoving JJ but, if I had minraised, the big blind would have called and won the hand. Who knows, maybe that player lost a hand with AQ previously and was too superstitious to flip, even though he had me covered. Either way, I owe him my thanks. :-)

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