Sunday, October 13, 2013


Busted 21st out of 53 in the freeroll today. Made a loose shove from the button with 33 and faced AKo in the big blind. This exact situation won me the advantage a couple of weeks ago at the final table, but he landed a king on the river to cripple me.

Probably should have limp-folded, but would have had the same result if I had shoved 44-QQ, AJ, AQ. Just got unlucky that he had a strong hand to call with. I guess the problem with shoving 33 though is he crushes me with 44-AA, plus numerous over cards, so yeah, it was a loose shove. Should have min-raised at most.

Will need to temper the aggression somewhat before playing the 100k. We start with 5000 so there's no need to overplay low pairs.

Here is today's prize pool for the $100k:

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