Friday, October 11, 2013

RTR, Lucky Draw Weekly, etc

Haven't played so much lately. I put my thumb in the dam of a downswing and my account is at $1,002.98 for $702.98 profit since June, down about $69 from the most recent high point. I've just been reviewing SnG hand histories and playing micro cash games at .2\.5 risking $5, 1 table, no tv.

My plan is to grind up some SnG buyins and keep the account from descending below $1000. In short, I'm being a bankroll nit, and the discipline feels right.

Also I'm reading Jonathan Little's first book on tournament strategy, which is quite good.

Monthly league is next Friday and we have 3 more event nights in which to rack up points before the final tournament. I'm listed 3rd, but am actually 15 points in the lead after lowest 2 scores are dropped. Hopefully I'll maintain that and have an edge in the final by starting with a higher chip-stack. We'll see.

Need to really concentrate and not get caught up in random table banter.

Other than that, RTR freeroll is coming up on Sunday, and Bovada is doing something called Lucky Draw Weekly in which 1 ticket for every 10 players will be given for entry to the $100,000 Guaranteed on Sunday afternoon. Droooool.

I've been railing the $20k Guaranteed final table lately. Pretty interesting to see what hands people are shoving in certain scenarios.

Saw a shortstack get KK in on the flop vs something like A6 with the 6 paired on the board. A third 6 hits the turn, giving the chipleader the advantage, then a third king slammed the river, giving the shortstack a full house and a ton of chips. That's the kind of hand people cheer about on ESPN. Pretty cool.

At that point, the next person to bust out earned $1200+, and the winner was to get around $4850. Not a bad return on $55! I'll play that one at some point, but I'd like to grind the account up to something like $1500 first.

Makes more sense for me now to play the $8000 Guaranteed for just $10, where 1st gets something like $1500. That would seriously rock.

Back to the books.

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