Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RTR Freeroll review

I went back and reviewed the hand history for a June RTR freeroll in which I placed 2nd for $120. I've made some costly mistakes\shoves since then, but if that HH is any indication of how I was playing tourneys back in June, then I believe I've improved. I've never made so many deathwish donk-shoves in a tournament; it was ridiculous. Players at my tables must have thought I was running like a god, but I was shoving hands like 35o to punish limpers, and it mostly worked.

In the final hand, I got it in preflop with A5o vs Q4s. I miss, and he lands a 4 on the river for the win.

Overall, it was an example of how you can play pretty badly (against supernits) in terms of game theory, but still land in the money.

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