Sunday, October 27, 2013

RTR Free

Ouch. Busted 48th of 65 today. With blinds at 40\80, I made a nice bluff in position against the SB raising me 3x pre and continuing 1\2 pot on the flop. 3x'ed him with trash and he layed it down. The flop was jack high with two hearts.

A big stack two to my right had been raising on me from the button. I figured he was doing it fairly wide so I defended all-in with A7o. This time he had a hand: AQs. I'm only 25% to win against his hand, and around 48% against his range, but I nailed a 7 on the river...

...except it was the 7c which completed his ace-high flush.

Down in flames.

I had two moves there, folding or shoving. Calling was definitely out. I had about 20BB left, so it was clearly too early to make this move, because I'm essentially coin-flipping against someone who has me covered. If he's raising wide, there's a chance he's calling wide. Too aggressive, too early.

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