Thursday, October 31, 2013

Movin On Up!

Well, nothing to get excited about; just moving from 3-tabling 5nl to 10nl because the players at 5 just do silly things like repeatedly shoving garbage until someone calls with AA, then they manage to crack aces. It's a form of tilt where you do things you wouldn't do at higher stakes because it's so cheap.

Also, I tend to call when I shouldn't because it's cheap to pay for the information, but I hate myself for making donk-calls regardless of the stakes. It's just easier to take it seriously and avoid micro degen-ing when you have a little more to lose, hence the jump.

I've had some lucky hands in the last two sessions. Flopped quad-queens after heavy preflop action in which I was squeezed. I've never felt so good about passively calling! Got some action on the flop and turn for a nice profit.

Also flopped a set of nines on an all heart board, then it turned into 999QQ by the river and I got some reraise action from the button. Nice 30% gain on that table.

Then I called a 3bb raise with 89s and another caller in the hand and I flopped a king-high flush. The preflop raiser bet the pot and I 3x'd him to isolate, then he shoves and I call. He flips QK for two pair that doesn't improve and I stack him.

It's fun to run good but I don't want to let it go to my head, especially after a couple of positive sessions. The point is to learn to grind well at the micros, take notes, and experiment with some advanced moves from time to time.

Acct is at $1,128.13

P.S. Before a session, I've been reminding myself: Good players make good laydowns (folds).

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