Saturday, October 19, 2013

"It's 3:17 in the AM, and you're watching Perspectives."

Just got in from league. Ran late tonight because there were 26 people in the first tourney...and guess who was first to bust? I had a flush and broadway draw on the turn, thought I had 12 outs, but a new guy was drawing to the nut flush and had already paired on ace on the flop. It was a bad spot to fast-play a 2nd rate draw. I got the pf raiser to fold, but not the other and was only 6% to win on the river. Ouch and out.

There were 20 players in the 2nd game, and I made it to 2nd place but couldn't close it out even when I was ahead pre. I could have played better heads-up.

Having missed Feb, I'm in third, just 10 points off the lead.

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