Thursday, October 10, 2013

Healthcare Marketplace

I'm self-employed now and scouting for health insurance. I wouldn't dare risk bankruptcy, so I have purchased a series of temporary high-deductible policies to cover the gap since I left the corporate world in 2012.

I managed to get on and fill out an application, but subsequent attempts to log in have failed due to numerous glitches in the system. So far, the interface of The Affordable Care Act has been a disaster for up to 99% of applicants. Not great odds.

I recently developed a kidney infection and went to a direct care clinic for treatment. The nurse at the window informed me that she didn't recognize my insurance and that I should call them to determine if the facility is in-network; otherwise it would cost $365 just to speak to the doctor. Ouch.

My other option is to visit an Urgent Care facility with lower rates. Instead, I've experimented with natural remedies with good results so far.

I've tried the following two drinks:

Diet Cranberry
A teaspoon of baking soda
Lemon Juice

And Cranberry\Parsley Hot Tea:

Fresh Shredded Parsley (a noted treatment for UTI problems)
Cilantro (tastes great)
Ginger Root
Diet Cranberry Juice
Lemon or Lime Juice

With these two treatments, the infection appears to be clearing up, and the pain is going away. If it returns, I'll visit Urgent Care for antibiotics. I don't recommend these treatments as a substitute for antibiotics, but am just sharing what is working for me.

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