Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grinding, and Poker Coach Pro

PCP is not just a drug from the 60s. It's a poker coaching app for Ipad that is the electronic form of Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time, vol 1-3.

I actually have the books but prefer the electronic format much better, because you don't have to keep turning back to the picture of the table, and you can step thru the action. It's a less-slick version of InstaPoker, but I'm enjoying it a lot.

Basically it gets you into the minds of three successful players, and what they are thinking at every step in a given situation. Because you're stepping thru the action, you also get to relive the victories and defeats on the turn and river cards.

I can already tell that this is having a positive impact on my thoughts at the online tables. I've just been grinding and bankroll nitting .2\.5 for about 30-45 for the last 5 nights or so, and I'm not crushing but have ended each session positively to some degree.

No SnGs lately because I want to go into league Friday with a mind full of new info. I have been reviewing tournament hand histories though and taking notes. I want to re-review some of them at a later date and see if I have more comments to add after learning some ideas from the pros.

My acct is at $1,009.12. Once I get it north of $1,025 or so, I'll add in some triple-up SnGs and try to work my way to $1100.

This is really small potatoes compared to some of the guys at the forums I visit, but when I started playing in late 2010, the idea of breaking $1000 (even with a $300 deposit, lol), was just a distant dream.

Even my deaf cat Whiplash is excited.

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