Sunday, October 6, 2013

Freeroll Sunday

No free money today in the RTR $500. I was chipping up nicely until I picked up AA in early position, raised 3BB and got a caller.

I cbet the flop and he called.

Checked the turn and he bet the pot, so I shoved for his last 115.

He calls and flips up JJ.

The river: J of course

Had my AA cracked in a triple-up SnG yesterday too. UTG shoves and it folds around to me. I call and we flip AK vs AA.

He has a broadway draw on the flop, hits it on the turn, then the poker gods dashed my wounds with salt by landing an ace on the river instead of a king.

That is- how you say -the pokers.

Gonna enjoy some sunshine instead. The weather is incredible!

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