Friday, October 25, 2013


Proud of myself for sticking to .2/.5 lately. I've only ground up two buyins, but I'm ok with that. A while back, I was two-tabling .50\1 and had a bad session due to getting outplayed. It was a playing scared situation that caused me to lose a $47 pot with the best hand.

I've reviewed it a lot and patched an info gap regarding 3-betting lite, and in the meantime I want to maintain discipline and grind up what I lost, with the goal of reaching $1100, and keeping above $1000.

Looks like a guy from league will be joining Bovada soon and I'll be splitting the referral bonus with him. It's a sweet deal because he gets an instant 50% bonus from me plus the chance to earn another 100%. It'll give us some hands to talk about too.

Another friend bought back in for $50 after busting a while back and is up over 300% within two days. He's a killer cash game player and great at tournaments too. I hope to see them both spending Sunday afternoons playing the RTR Freeroll and hitting big.

In other news, I've purchased Jared Tendler's two mental-game books on Kindle, and I'm about to purchase Jonathan Little's Going Pro series of videos, where he coaches a player named OneTimeJoker who has been a big winner on PokerStars lately with a recent win of $42,000 off a $55 buy-in. Nice!

I'm far from going pro myself, but the info will hopefully put me closer. Have to keep investing in my game.

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