Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weds SnG

Loaded a $3 triple-up and a $4 beginner. Played well and cashed in the triple-up, and min-cashed in the beginner. Went to the final four with a slight chiplead and then I was like a frog trying to cross a busy road. One guy who had played fairly tame before the bubble just put the hammer down and destroyed a couple of us. I couldn't get a good situation to move all-in, then he called on the button and I shoved with Q8o with enough chips to damage him. Annnnnnnnd he flips up AQo... :-|  Been seeing that move alot lately.

The time to be suspicious is when the chipleader does it. He is either\or:

a. Going to call a shove pretty wide, so you want to shove with solid equity.
b. Slowplaying a monster hand.

He had been shoving left and right and suddenly just called. That was a good time to be suspicious.

Well played, Villain, but beware...

...Grasshoppa learn good.

Account is at $865.55

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