Monday, September 30, 2013

Unbelievable SnG Play

I just saw the craziest play while reviewing hand histories on a $4 beginner tourney. This guy picked up AJo twice in a row. The first time, he's in the BB and is minraised preflop, so he raises half his stack and gets a fold (he's already down to 2\3 of his starting stack).

In the next hand, he calls a 3x raise preflop with AJo again in the small blind. The flop comes A 5 K rainbow. He donk-bets 240 and is reraised to 600 which he calls. 

The turn is a Jack, giving him two pair, and there is a possible broadway straight on the board. He checks, the other guy jams, and he FOLDS his last 300. Unbelievable. You have to assume that he's calling on the flop reraise with an ace, hoping to improve. He improves on the turn, but folds anyway to leave himself crippled. 

That has to be a misclick. Maybe he's multi-tabling and clicked the wrong button. If not, then this is an example of why microstakes SnGs are still profitable. Even if he's 100% convinced of the straight, he's still getting 7 to 1 pot odds to improve to a full house.

Guess what the winner had: 

KJo for 2nd best two pair. Hope he's checking his hand histories so he can fully appreciate winning the hand.

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