Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I was reviewing a hand history from a downswing I had on a .50\1 table a while back, and witnessed the power of 3-betting light, and continued aggression on the flop. It also made me realize how often I'm misplaying the turn by checking behind. Long story short, I was outplayed by pocket fours when I had pocket kings, because the guy in the big blind reraised me 4x preflop and there was an ace on the flop.

Obviously I'm not putting him on 44. I called his c-bet on the flop, but checked behind on the turn when a queen hit (mistako), thinking he may be trapping further with a set or two pair. He bet nearly half the pot on the river, and I gave up with by far the best hand. Disgusting.

He did the same thing to another guy, so it wasn't just me. Plus I wasn't at the table long enough to get a read on him, so I thought he at least had the ace. No excuses. I should have 4-bet him preflop, since I'm almost never folding kings before the flop if he shoves.

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