Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tournament Report

No winnings today unfortunately. Busted 12th in the RTR $500 Freeroll, 219th in the $2000 Guaranteed ($2 buyin), and 578th in the $8000 Guaranteed ($10 buyin).

I got unlucky in the $8k guaranteed. Had AA on the button (sweet), and UTG+1 raised to 3.5BB. I 3bet to 7.5BB, he 4bets to $1k (a third of his stack) and I 5bet shove and get a call. Of course he hits 888 on the flop...overplayed his hand but got a good result. Somehow I doubt he survived to the cash. Note to self: The way to fold him out preflop was to 3x his raise.

Made a crucial mistake in the $2k guaranteed. With blinds at 250\125\30, someone in late position raises to $537 and gets a call from the chipleader. I had Q4s in the BB and elected to fold. Terrible play because it would have only cost me $287 more to win a pot of $1961. As it happened, I would have flopped a queen-high flush and could have won another $2500 in chips from the pf raiser, and maybe the same from the chipleader.

Sometimes you have to call with the worst hand when the math supports it. When your cards suck, try doing the math.

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