Monday, September 30, 2013

Stats and Other Stuff

Unfortunately this still does not include SnG and Zoom sessions. I will need to enter those manually at some point, or wait for the dev to update to tracking software to include those session types.

Lost a couple of micro SnGs today, but we're still well above $1000. Happy the graphs are trending up, albeit only slightly in the cash graph.

In other random news, I have an idea for a novel that I've been working on. (Yeah, yeah, doesn't everyone?) I'm not a great writer, and certainly not a novelist, but I have an interesting idea; so much so, that when I searched for the initial title it was already taken by an upcoming horror movie that's listed on IMDB and slated to come out in 2014. Similar concept but my tale is different enough to make it stand apart, and it's more of a crime thriller.

My goal is to rise to the challenge of telling my character's story, get it critiqued and polished, and self-publish it on Amazon for free or very little. It's going to be an incredible amount of work, but so far it doesn't feel like it and the dialogue and scenes are more or less writing themselves. 

November is National Novel Writing Month, so I hope to make a lot of progress on it then, while not backsliding too much in poker and other things.

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