Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SnG x2

Had a productive night at low stakes sit-n-go's, 9-handed. Played a $4 beginner and a standard $5 simultaneously, and took first place in both for $35. Had some good hands\good luck on one table, then recovered miraculously well on another.

On the $5er, I lost a hand with AQo vs AKo which crippled me to 2 big blinds on the bubble, with blinds at 100\200. Shoved all-in four times in a row to claw back to 1500 or so. Took out the bubble boy later, then turned up the heat 3-handed.

The chipleader busted the shortstack, then I went on a raising frenzy and we evened up a bit. I checked trip-8s on the flop a few hands later and let him bluff all-in with nothing. He was down to 2 big blinds so I shoved every hand to close it out.

Account is at $837.38.

Time to watch Stacey Keibler talk about her experiences at Burning Man on Kimmel.


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