Thursday, September 12, 2013

SnG stats

I reviewed a hand history from the last SnG played\won, and gathered some stats on hands won\lost\folded.

Total Hands: 123
Hands folded: 83 (67%)
Hands played: 40 (33%)
Hands won: 33 (27% of total hands; 83% of hands played )
Hands lost: 7 (6% of total hands;18% of total hands played)

Late Game (Hands 71-123, last 53 hands with 5 of 9 players left):

Folded: 29 (55%)
Played: 24  (45%)
Won: 22 (42%)
Lost: 2 (4%)
Won by default (SB folded): 9 (17%)
Hands won where I'm behind preflop: 9 (17%)

Late-game hands won in green (bottom bar):

I was definitely helped by the weak player on my right, who didn't shove enough from the small blind position. He gave me a late-game edge, which was nice. I think showing a lot of aggression after hand 71 (when crippled to two big blinds) helped me to establish a kind of maniac image too, which may have prompted him to play more conservative.

There was at least one horrible shove that worked out in my favor (resteal with And one weak fold (AJ suited), that would have knocked out two of the four remaining players. Need to study that one and decide if it was really a mistake, or the right play; we were on the bubble.

Once again:

"In order to live, you must be willing to die." -Amir Vahedi


By comparison, here are stats from the SnG played\won simultaneously. I ran very well preflop here, and a few people overplayed hands and donated to me. The percentage of hands folded vs hands played is almost identical, just 1% difference.

Total Hands: 90
Hands folded: 61 (68%)
Hands played: 29 (32%)
Hands won: 20 (22% of total hands; 70% of hands played )
Hands lost: 9 (10% of total hands; 31% of total hands played)

Late Game (Hands 50-90, last 40 hands with 5 of 9 players left):

Folded: 21 (53%)
Played: 19  (47%)
Won: 15 (38%)
Lost: 6 (15%)

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