Friday, September 13, 2013

More SnG action

Tired... Loaded two SnGs tonight and they ran longer than usual. $4 beginner and $5 regular again, and I cashed in both. Had them each down to 3-handed and it was annoying getting beeped at constantly for decisions. I don't know how the real masters like Greg Merson et al can stand it, running up to 24 six-handed cash tables for several hours.

I busted in 3rd in the $5er. With blinds at 300\150\30, we were fairly even and the button and small blind just limped. Had KJs in the BB and shoved, then the button gets a woody and calls with AJo...nice slowplay. We both catch a jack, so I'm outkicked and out.

Busted in 2nd in the $4. Made an iffy shove headsup against the chipleader with 8To, and he flips up queens. Had some outs but they were in the burn cards or the rabbit hole, and I was sent packing.

Played mostly well except for two spots. I had 66 in late position once and elected to fold for some reason. Would have landed trip-6s on the flop. Why the hesitation?

In another hand I had 7Ts in the small blind and elected to fold with no raise ahead. Would've flopped a straight vs two pair. Again, why hesitate in these spots? Need to figure out where that's coming from, because it is probably -EV and feels weak.

Happy to cash again running two SnGs though. This is a good warmup for league play next Friday. I hope to crush it again and post another 1st place, for the cash and the points; our final table stacks in January will be based on points so the more chips the merrier. Currently in 2nd place but that could easily change.

Bovada account is at $872.36, for $572.36 profit. Looking to cross $1000 again, but trying to get there patiently.

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