Sunday, September 22, 2013

September League Results

I slipped from 2nd to 3rd in points, but since the league host drops the lowest two tourney scores, I'm essentially still in 2nd.

Made the final table in both tourneys Friday, but I busted in 7th place each time. Doubled up early in the first tourney but lost a crucial flip later against my best friend, with AJo vs QKo. He hit runner-runner flush to cripple me (I even slid the chips across early because I historically don't flip well against him). Coincidentally, that's the second time I've lost a flip against him with those exact hands. He went on to win first which was great. No regrets on the shove; only the result.

Made a crucial mistake in the 2nd tourney that cost me 1\3 of my stack. With the bb at 1600, I called a minraise with 9Ts. I caught a 9 on the flop and tried to donk-bet into him but got min reraised and had to call because he gave me good odds. Checked a K on the turn, and he moved all in. Thought about calling because I had an open-ended straight draw, but he had me covered and I didn't want to drop too far in points. Ugh...courage fail.

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