Sunday, September 29, 2013

BOOM! Happy Happy Happy

We're back in four figures; after 277 hands in a 3hr 9m grind, I placed 1st out of 50 in the Rake The Rake Freeroll today.

Final Table:



Epiphany: The value of your chips increases late in the game especially on the bubble, meaning you have to really think about bet-sizing on the final table and not get in over your head. I kept that in mind this time instead of proceeding with the usual suicidal aggression. Need to remember this in league and be more selective on shoves and resteals.

Crucial hand on the final table: I shoved on the button with 33 (pretty loose) after a mid-position raise. He had been folding to my shoves so I gave it another go. The chipleader in the small blind called and I got worried, then he flipped up AKo and my tres miraculously held giving me the chiplead by 2x.

Final hand headsup: Shoved pocket threes again after a 3x raise and he called with A4o. He was four outs from making a wheel, but I nailed a set on the flop and it improved to a full house: threes full of kings.

So far, I've won $360 in the RTR Sunday freerolls since June, after snagging a 2nd place for $120, and a 5th place for $40 over the summer. Hope to play well and nail another one before year's end.

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