Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cash Games

Loaded a .5\.10 and a .10\.25 for a couple of orbits tonight and added another $25+.

Gift hand: 

-Picked up AcAd in UTG+2. UTG raises to 3bb preflop and I repop to 7bb. 
-Flop is 3d Ah 2s (yay). He checks, I bet half-pot on the flop and he calls. 
-Turn is a 6d. I bet roughly $5 into the $7 pot due to the diamond draw and he shoves. I call.
-River is the Qc.

Cue fire and money animation...AAA smashes AA with a king kicker.

Thanks for overplaying TPTK out of position, Mr. Villain. I did 3-bet you pre-flop so AA was certainly in my range. For future reference, I'm not 3-betting light from UTG+2. Save your bankroll and learn to pot-control my friend...

Account is at $863.18.

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