Saturday, September 14, 2013

5 for 5

Cashed in a $3 Triple-Up SnG while watching Game of Thrones Season 1. Took a lot of patience to find good spots to shove. Got down to under 10 big blinds a few times and had to shove rag hands. Luckily I won my flips.

Going to keep it up with the SnGs. Good way to inch up the bankroll with minimal risk.

Account is at $882.28 for $582.28 profit.

Looking forward to the Rake The Rake freeroll tomorrow. I've gotten close lately but hope to score again.

EDIT: Busted in 12th of 52 in the freeroll. Had a solid chipstack until some guy slowplayed KK. Then I shoved 55 against two callers preflop, and the chipleader flipped up 88 and held. Iffy spot to shove because you know you're at least going to be up against two overcards. He was UTG as well, so I should have been suspicious. Bad move, no free money. Need to play better approaching the final table (he says, so often in hindsight).

P.S. Most of these Miss America candidates can't dance...but I forgive them all.

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