Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Results

Played league tourneys Friday night. We had a great turnout: 23 players in the first tourney and 21 in the 2nd. Unfortunately I took a bad beat and was first man out in the first game.

PB raised to 3 big blinds from early pos, and I called in late pos with 22 (set-mining). I hit my set on the flop, and there is a Q. Naturally I check to let him take a stab at his impending demise. He bets 1000 into an 1800 pot, and I repop to 5000, which is half our starting stacks. 

He donk-calls and I shove the turn which is a K. Yes, I'm concerned about a straight but I don't think he has it yet. He calls off the rest of his stack and hits a 9 on the river for a king-high straight holding JJ vs my 222. Crusher. He made a careless call on the flop, but the K on the turn gave him 10 outs and he was pot-committed. Guess I should have shoved the flop, but I bet 5000 into a 2800 pot. What more can you do to announce that you may have AQ, QQ, AA, KK, or a set?

Busted in 5th in the 2nd tourney, but that helped me maintain my points standing somewhat. I'm in 4th now instead of 3rd, and that's still with missing February tournaments.

Played the CardPlayer $100,000 guaranteed on Saturday and didn't catch enough good cards or situations to make a solid stand. I made it to the first break, then had to shove ATo and ran into QQ and busted. Should have rebought like other players were doing, but I felt too tired from the previous night to make good decisions. Can't wait to play this one again next year though, and will probably bring 3 buyins.

From day 1A and 1B, there were a total of 3044 entries at $125 a pop. Total prize pool was $187,000+, and first place gets $49,600 tonight. Sick.

Finally, I entered the Rake the Rake Freeroll on Bovada today and made the final table in good shape. There were 36 players and I busted in 5th for $40, sarcastic yay. That bumps me close to $900, and I'll have $100 bonus coming after I rack up 24 points from grinding cash, enthusiastic yay!

A6o was unkind to me. Made the mistake of shoving (instead of minraising) a shortstack from the SB, and he called with JJ and held. That dropped me to 6000+, but I shoved my way back to 10k. Then a donkey raises to 4bb (2400) from the button. I have AQo in the bb, and shove on him. He calls off for 8000 more with A6o, hits a 6 on the flop, and I miss. BOOM, out. Couldn't believe he called off with such a bad kicker, but that's how the game goes sometimes. 

Fun weekend, but could have been more profitable for sure.

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