Sunday, July 7, 2013


Showing some inevitable variance in the cash graph. Need to dig into the hand histories and see how much of it is from mistakes vs the usual swings.

I noticed that Online Poker Manager is not importing my histories from Sit&Go's, so my tournament graph is missing some stats. Will try to manually enter them.

In other news, just busted out of the RTR Freeroll. Sucks because I was doing well and got crippled by a dumb hand. 

The guy to my left was sitting out so people were raising to pick up dead money. I shoved A8o once to pick it up and folded out A7s from the chipleader. Shoved QQ later against a minraise from UTG and folded him. Then a donkey in middle position minraises to 200. I'm on the button with JJ, and shove since I have him covered. He instacalls with K8 of hearts (?!?!?) and hits a miracle flop with a king and a flush draw, so I have one out since Jh completes his flush. He rivers another king and I'm down to 475. Sick...

Very next hand I get JJ again and gladly shove with any pair, despite previously losing with JJ. There are two more all-ins who table KK and AQo. The kings hold and give someone a massive chiplead. The resulting shortstacked guy shoves JJ himself and the chipleader sends him to the rail.

Apparently not a good day for fishhooks.

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