Tuesday, July 2, 2013


After the $200 crash on June 21st, I thought it would take forever just to break even in the cash game graph. Happy to be positive in both graphs today, and approaching $1000. Here's the breakdown:

Account total: $947.71
Initial buyin: $300
Referral bonus: $80
Points bonus: $50
One month profit from actual playing (sans bonus): $517.71

I'll get $100 added once I hit 750 points, and I have 292 to go. Need to get some sessions in, but I've been working on a roofing project for a family member, and will be cooking on the 4th.

Looking forward to our league tourneys on the 19th, and playing the CardPlayer Poker Tour on the 20th, at Choctaw. Would be sweet to take home a slice of the $100,000 guaranteed. I'm guessing 1st place will get around $45,000- quite a return for a $125 investment.

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