Monday, July 15, 2013

Turning it Around

Getting back to the Hit-n-Run strategy and trying to forget about building points, which is helping me post more positive results. Whenever I make the game about playing long sessions to trigger new player bonuses, my strategy unravels out of sheer boredom. I call raises too often with marginal hands, and get annoyed by the same guy constantly raising. That's called tilt, and it's written all over my cash game graph lately.

I'm just not into being a cash game grinder yet, which unfortunately means that I'm not yet a deep-thinking player; otherwise it would be fun. Tournaments appeal to me more because of the escalating blind levels and the constant pressure to be aggressive, or die. Kind of a "go big or go home" thing.

Gotta keep it up with the cash games though, because the experience will help me in the deep-stacked tourneys.

Thankfully, a series of upswings will post to my cash graph in 24 hours. Hope to slam a home run soon and kick it up over $1000 again.

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