Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Small Swings

Leveling off a bit in the cash game graph, which means I'm playing small pots at reasonable stakes (.10\.25, risking $25). Planning to stay at low stakes for a while and try to close the distance to $1000 again.

I'm approaching the end of the 60 day 100% deposit bonus period, and have made it past the halfway mark, collecting $150 in new player bonuses. It would have been nice to collect the entire $300, but difficult for me to grind cash games for long stretches. I like to play an hour and take a long break; otherwise it feels like a job, and my play (and bankroll) suffers.

Here's how I'm doing in this experiment:

$939.47 (acct balance)
-$300 (initial deposit)
-$150 (new player bonus)
-$80 (referral bonus)
$409.47 (136% profit from actual play)

Happy to be profitable at this point, because I've tried this in the past on Cake Poker\Juicy Stakes and ended up busting my bankroll. The difference now is I've been setting goals, and have a better understanding of how aggressive to be in tournaments. Also, I've been reporting results to a friend and posting stats online to hold myself accountable.

Although the cash game needs work, I have plenty of hand histories and mistakes to review, which should help me to patch up leaks and limit future losses.

All in all, it's been a good run and a learning experience.

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