Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Goal Reached!

It happened just before midnight. I had $300 at risk between a $1\$2 and a .50\$1 cash game and was +$27 in the $1\$2 game. 

I picked up QQ on the other table and called a minraise with two shortstacks in the hand. I called another bet on the flop from the preflop raiser, and the turn coordinated the board for straight draws. The preflop raiser bet $10 and had $16 left so I shoved, and the other player called for $48. Both were on straight draws and bricked on the river. Woot!

Happy to cross my first major goal but no guarantees of staying above the $1000 mark. Gotta keep grinding cash games to get my points above 750 and trigger the next $100 bonus. Then it's a race to hit 1500 points by August 2nd for the final $150.

If I hit $1300, I'll consider cashing out my original $300 buyin.

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