Monday, July 1, 2013

Climbing Out

Feels good to be in the positive in the cash games again. My acct hit a high of $710 at one point, and is now at $678.51 after paying some blinds, and a $16.50 knockout (bounty) tourney that didn't pan out.

Picked a terrible spot to shove in the RTR freeroll yesterday. My niece needed a ride to church and prayed that I would bust out of the tournament early. Her prayers were answered when I shoved 86s against a 4bb raise from a guy holding KK. Um, pretty sure I'm supposed to be folding there like 1000% of the time...

The bounty tournament was interesting. I hesitated in a couple of spots that I would normally shove, and it cost me a lot of chips. In the first spot, I picked up 44 in middle position. If I had noticed that the big blind was severely shortstacked, I would have shoved just to get the $5 bounty for knocking him out, but I folded the weak pair due to so many players yet to act. 

As it turned out, two players shoved with AQo and AKo, and neither of them hit. It was a scary coinflip that would have tripled me up and given me two bounties.

The next missed opportunity was with JTs on the button. With blinds at 100\200, the big stack raises to 1000 UTG and gets one caller. This is probably always a fold, but I thought about shoving my 2000 stack since suited connectors can play well multiway. But I folded and watched the board run out JJxJx. The horror...the horror...of inaction.

Then I get rewarded for a reckless play. I pickup up 24s in the big blind, and it folds around to the small blind who calls. It's not unusual for me to shove in this spot with any two cards just to pick up the extra blind, but it feels better to do it with an ace in the hole, especially when he has me covered. I shove, and he calls with Ax. I flop a straight to the 6 and double up. Yay.

Later on, I shove AJo against AKo and we both get called by JJ. The jacks hold and I'm out, wondering why I didn't go with my gut and pull the trigger in those two iffy spots earlier. I think walking on eggshells in the cash games has softened my tournament game a bit. Yet again, this great quote from a dead poker player:

"In order to live, you must be willing to die." -Amir Vahedi

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