Friday, July 5, 2013

2nd Place Curse

Far too many 2nd place wins in tournaments lately, even when I have my opponent crushed preflop. Just won 2nd in a $10 Sit-n-Go (9 players) for $27. 1st place was $45.

Got it in with J9o from the dealer button vs K2s, and I was  covered. I had about 43% equity preflop, which was plenty, but neither of us hit so he won the flip.

This guy fought hard. Several times he looked slated to bust out at any minute, but once we were down to three and in the money, he brought his A game, except for when I bluffed him on the river with a busted straight. But that left him with only 1200 vs stacks of 4500 and 7800 and he somehow took us both to town.

Good game player0001. Good game.

Account: $977.71

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