Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MTT Action

Played the $1k and $2k guaranteed deep stack tourneys simultaneously tonight, and between the two of them I won $94.56

I made 24th out of roughly 360 in the $10 + $1 buyin, for $25.24. Got it in on a coinflip in my last hand with AQo vs 44 (really??). I flopped a Q, but he hits a set on the turn and I'm out.

Things got serious in the $2 + .20 tourney when I shoved 22 from the button and got called by AQ of diamonds. I miraculously won the coinflip and became the chipleader for a while. Here's how the final table looked before I busted out in 5th:

Here's the tourney lobby showing how long we played etc:

And we're done:

In my final hand, I picked up JJ in the small blind. The guy on the button shoved with A4o and I called. He rivers an ace and busts me and the person sitting out, who had J3o. There were actually two players sitting out at the final table, and both will be quite surprised at how far they made it while sleeping, lol.

$69.32 is a pretty good payday for $2.20, and 5th out of 659 is not bad either. My account is back up to $956.97. It was good to take a break from the brutal cash games the day before. But I'll get back on them tomorrow to rack up more points. 

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