Saturday, June 22, 2013

Winstar Thank You Notes

Thank you, someone's grandma at Winstar...for deciding 34s is your favorite hand to play out of position on the flop, and cracking my AA with trip 4s. -$100

Thank you, new guy...for cracking grandma's AA with 57s. I enjoyed hearing her complain about it 30 minutes later. Fist bump.

Thank you, guy on serious tilt...for betting $60 on the river after I checked, and calling my all-in bet for $75 more with a jack-high flush vs my full house. +$180.

Thank you, poker gods...for letting me hit the nut flush on the turn, and for not letting someone full-house me. +$75

Thank you, old guy on my left...for somehow inducing that maniac to 3bet shove preflop with KK vs your AA, after you raised to only $14.

Thank you, brunette who delivered my chips to table 31...for being so hot.

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