Monday, June 24, 2013

Tourney Upswing, Ring Game Downswing

The upswing in the top graph is from placing well in the RTR freeroll, which was icing on a terrific weekend with friends in Dallas.

Going to start pushing the ring\cash game graph up slowly from .10\.25. Part of me wants to hop on a 1\2 again and try for a double up, but it took 7 hours of grinding 1\2 at Winstar to finally stack someone, and that was after being stuck $200 myself.

There is a good lesson in the downswing, and best to learn it in the weeds rather than at the nosebleeds someday. It's fine to take a shot, but then you drop back down, pay your dues, and grind it up again. That takes discipline, a necessary trait in any game.

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