Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Lookin for a come-up, this is %@$#ing awesome..."

What? Is that the small start of an upswing?

Today is the final RTR freeroll. Hope to score again. Last Sunday I got in during the last two minutes of late registration, and shoved my way to 2nd place with near suicidal aggression. Will pick my spots and go for it.

In other news, my best friend played an amazing session at Winstar yesterday, and is demonstrating some incredible hand-reading ability. He ran up +$425 and lost down to $150 or so, then ran that up to $900+ after getting a tell off a maniac and calling 4 big overbets from him and another player. Incredible run, and with beatable cards. What a bluff-catcher! Can't wait to talk through the hands with him further.

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