Sunday, June 30, 2013

7 of 9

One cool thing about poker on Bovada is that everyone is just a number. Sounds counterintuitive, but using seat numbers instead of names gives the benefit of anonymity; so those pesky third party hud users can't use your own stats and tendencies against you, at least until they get an in-session read on your style of play.

To counter the latter, I've employed a hit and run tactic to lock in gains on the way to my goal of $1000. I basically play until I win a decent profit, then I leave the table after the current orbit completes. So I'm out of there before anyone gets a strong read on me.

It's not quite the real world, but it's helping me to post repeated gains. For the first time since I started on Bovada a month ago, I'm showing a profit in the cash games. I know the next downswing is inevitable, but hopefully it will happen when I flop the best of it and get drawn out on. Now that I can live with.

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