Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bear Market

Ok, I'm in a catch 22 here. I need to rack up points to get my bonus, and it's very hard to do that at the microstakes. So yes, I broke with discipline and grinded more 1\2 without catching a break. It happens.

I'll show another upswing tomorrow that hasn't posted yet. The situation was I had AQs on the button (.50\1 blinds). UTG raises to $5 and gets a few callers including myself, then the big blind shoves for around $35. It goes fold, fold, then I call. He turns over 99, and luckily I sucked out with a Q on the river.

I was so tired last night that I left the table shortly after to lock in those gains. My acct is at $446.80, so overall I'm $146.80 ahead, minus the $300 buyin.

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