Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Game of Mistakes...

In an interview for the Rounders movie special features, Johnny Chan says (paraphrased) in order to win at poker, you have to make mistakes and learn from them. That was my plan with Bovada. I'm a decent SnG and MTT tournament player, but the nuances of cash game play often elude me; as evidence, I present my stats on Bovada:

The top graph shows my tournament stats, while the bottom shows my cash game history. Unfortunately, hand histories are not immediately available on Bovada, so my cash graph does not include today's big foray into "the black" after capitalizing on the mistakes of others at .50\1. But you see a mostly downward trend in the microstakes, and wild sharkteeth swings as I've taken shots at higher buyin games.

The first severe downswing is due to "gambling" at the 1\2 level: some bad calls, a bad bluff or two, apathy tilt, and entirely too much set-mining after 3bb raises. My plan is to shore up these leaks and start showing an upward trend. Since playing ABC poker is recommended for levels up to 1\2, I want to identify precisely what the tight-aggressive (TAG) game means for me, or what hands to play when, especially when there are raises involved. 

So...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I have made plenty of mistakes, and have lots of hand histories to review and take notes on (my own play and others). Thankfully I am in the black today, but I expect to have more downswings to embrace and learn from.

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